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in the course of this presidential campaign? >> well, i think in many ways what the role of the united states is, how do we operate internationally and how much is the world dependent on us, how do our national interests play into that? and obviously dealing with the terrorist threat is very important, nuclear proliferation, how to make sure that the worst weapons don't get into the hands of the worst people. our economic security obviously plays into that because our strength depends on our strength at home. it's the integration of all of these issues and then basically what you are responsibilities are towards our allies and to those that in many ways are suffering as a result of their desire for freedom. >> and look what we have just this weekend with a g-8 meeting and nato at a time when the euro zone is under tremendous economic strain which could have an impact on our own economy here, the whole issue of economic austerity becoming an issue for our debt problems here in the u.s. so we feel such interrelationship and all the while winding down the conflict in afghanistan and what responsibi
. it was at the palace the president met with karzai, and they signed a strategic agreement on what the united states relationship is going to look like after troops start to pull out in 2014. here's what the president said about that agreement. >> we came with a very clear mission. we came to destroy al qaeda. and we have enormous respect for afghan sovereignty and the dignity of the afghan people. together we're now committed to replacing war with peace. and pursuing a more hopeful future as equal partners. >> reporter: about an hour later, the president then addressed troops at bagram air force base. what was interesting here is how blunt the president was about what military operations are going to look like in afghanistan over the next few years. >> some of your buddies are going to get injured. and some of your buddies may get killed. and there's going to be heartbreak and pain and difficulty ahead. but there's a light on the horizon. >> now, what this is is an agreement to forge an agreement. that agreement is this, it's going to be both economic, aide as well as some sort of security force th
was actually an informant cooperating with intelligence services friendly to the united states. this case has raised a lot of issues all over again about our airline security, about how strong al qaeda still is these days, and about how many more of these could be out there. it's where we begin tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete, good evening. >> by all accounts, this is a remarkable success for the intelligence agencies of the united states and its allies, and here's why, they managed to insert a critical informant into the very heart of the terror group that's considered the number one threat to the united states. al qaeda's offshoot in yemen. administration and intelligence officials say by the time this most recent plot was in its final planning stages, the u.s. and its allies were able to follow it in detail. but the terrorists in yemen did not know at the time these officials say is that the person they chose to be the suicide bomber was actually an informant. someone who agreed to cooperate with an allied intelligence service. members
, and the united states markets to follow suit. although there has been considerable expectation as we've watched the story unfold in france that it would lead to this result, and cast some cloud over the efforts to inact austerity measures. >> these measures are being driven largely by the americans. is this creating a ripple across europe? >> reporter: you are seeing a pushback against that, you're seeing it in the united states kingdom as well who is in a recession. in the united states we've seen a slight diminution of the republican zeal for public cuts. and you can expect democrats and president obama to go hard after them in the election on medicare and social security. the republican point of view, they've got to hope that the anti-incumbent message sent to sarkozy will be repeated in november. >>> let's talk about this country, exactly six months until our election day. this weekend, president obama officially kicked off his campaign, with rallies in a pair of swing states. though a lot of folks are quick to point out what sure has looked like campaigning from the president for months no
a fund-raising meeting of sorts, where the united states is going to be asking other countries, other member nations of nato to help contribute to the cost of securing afghanistan after 2014. it's going to cost upwards of $4 billion a year. and of course, u.s. officials don't want all of that to come out of u.s. taxpayer dollars. >> all right, chuck todd, thanks very much. let's bring in david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." good morning, good to see you. >> good morning, lester. >> these supports, the g-8 and nato conference, it's all about the president trying to get world leaders on the same page, in the first case about the euro debt crisis, the second case of nato on afghanistan. how important is it for the president, and has he found consensus on any of these issues? >> well, it's still very difficult going, i think, as you deal with europe in particular. and the fact that the same debate they're having there is what we're going to have in the united states, which is how do you make the economy grow better? do you slash the budget in order to get growth or not? and a lot
, virginia, the 9 to 12 states we think ultimately decide who the president of the united states is going to be. >> and savannah, a little bit of history. veterans picked bill clinton over george w.h. bush who is a world war ii veteran, and george bush over john kerry, who served in vietnam. this will be the first election since world war ii is which neither candidate is a veteran. savannah. >> nbc's kristen welker at the white house, thank you. >>> around the rest of the country, parades and tributes to the country's fallen service men and women this memorial day. that was the case in downers grove, illinois, and nbc's kevin tibbles was there. >> on main streets in small towns and big cities, they marched. in honor of those who have served, in remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> god bless them. they're our children. those are our children. >> and lining the sidewalks, those old enough to remember and those who are not. for them, today is a day of learning. >> i think it's very important to impress upon them the sacrifices that other people make for the freedoms and t
wanted. after months of threats, the united states today ordered syria's top diplomat expelled. >> he is no longer welcome in the united states. >> reporter: and germany, britain, france, spain, the netherlands, italy, canada, bulgaria and australia, all told syrian diplomats to get out. >> this is the most effective way we've got of sending a message of revulsion of what has happened in syria. >> reporter: as the new video shows assad isn't getting the message. and syrian forces still vastly outgun the opposition. today brian the state department accused iran of aiding and abetting the pro-assad militia. activists say the militia is trained by iran and uses the same tactics that iran employed to crush its own rebellion. brian? >> richard engel starting us off tonight. richard, thanks. >>> now to the crisis in northern italy, where a deadly 5.8 earthquake shook the region this morning. the epicenter was just northwest of bologna. an area where another quake struck just over a week ago. and once again, our own jim maceda is there. >> reporter: brian, i'm a few miles from the epicenter
more just why it is that the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. thank you. >> the big question this morning. how does obama win? >> president obama is out of ide ideas. he's out of excuses. and in 2012 it's time to make sure we put him out of office. >> our political round table is here this morning to weigh in. republican senator from new hampshire kelly ayotte and tom brokaw, and chuck todd, plus economist diane swan. >> good morngz. ohio and virginia is where president obama was yesterday officially kicking off his re-election bid. as we went through the features, we learn a lot about how the president is going to try to win. that is the big question. how does he do it? one, he makes the case for hanging on even in this tough economy. two, and you'll hear a lot of that, it is the contrast with mitt romney. he will try to misqualify romney as an acceptable alternative on the economy, and the economy is tough. look at the job numbers on friday. sluggish job creation is still a problem for this administration as they talk about that. with all that backgroun
. >> there is no question of his aspiration here, he wanted to kill the president of the united states. >> reporter: the documents also exposed cracks within the terrorist organization, world-wide. >> this shows an organization in decline, under siege and really feeling the pressure. >> reporter: the threat of al qaeda diminished with bin laden's death, experts say, but not gone. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >>> elsewhere the incredible drama of a blind chinese dissident complicates hillary clinton's visit to beijing. now china says chen guangcheng can apply to study abroad and a possible step toward resolving the diplomatic stand-off. chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: at 4:00:a.m., chen guangcheng answered a phone call from human rights activists as they meet with republican members of congress. he told them he wants to come to the u.s. to rest. he worries about his family and wants more help from hillary clinton. >> translator: i want to meet with secretary clinton. >> reporter: clinton said they need to address human rights. >> all governments do
of the united states can watch a rare type of solar eclipse, this happening on sunday. a ring of fire will radiate from behind the moon as it passes in front of the sun. the ring will be bright, you will need solar safe telescopes or projection methods to watch it. >>> here is how wall street will kick off the dow opens at 12,598 after falling 33 points yesterday. s&p down 5 points, nasdaq lost 19. overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei added 75 points, in hong kong the hang seng dipped 58. >>> fears greece will exit the eurozone have investors on edge. a greek judge was sworn in to oversee the interim government yesterday until new elections are held on june 17th. making matters worst the ur poon yae central bank stopped funding banks as customers drain the euros. investors fled to the safety of the dollar. >>> gold recovered 1% after falling to the lowest level since december yesterday. the new york times reports jp morgan chase has racked up another billion dollars in losses, stemming from the multi-billion dollar trading blunder as shareholders have begun suing the ban
of the united states. and he -- it was pointed out in the new york times in the last sunday weekend rereview about all of the things he did as far as bin laden and other things that he stepped up being a liberal president supposedly. that were effective. not always -- you know, there's always the negative side of that but he took the chance to do it and he did it. and ultimately with bin laden. whatever that -- that's -- it's not a guy that goes around -- he's not a dmon stra tif type person. i give him credit and i know he'll do better in the next four years when he doesn't have to worry if he'll be elected or not. >> do you have much faith in washington, how washington operates? >> all of the shen an gans going on is upsetting. they might not say it or say i want to get on with my life and do what i have to do. at least give us faith in your behavior and don't make prepost rouse statements and don't get into this posturing and silliness. try to be -- try to move forward and help the president even though you're from the other party. try to stop criticizing so much. try to move it forward.
can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> usa! usa! >> the news came out of nowhere. no one in this country was expecting it just as no one inside the bin laden compound was expecting u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s to arrive by helicopters. one image from that night has come to symbolize the mission. the photograph taken at the height of the raid by pete souza. >> there it is. there you are. >> here i am sitting right here. >> that's an intense look on your face. and everyone is intently watching that screen. >> this is -- if i'm not mistaken, this picture was taken right as the helicopters was having problems. you may not remember. that's what it feels like. i remember hillary putting her hand over her mouth at that point. >> when you look at it -- >> yeah. >> -- what does it conjure up inside you? >> that's usually the way i look when my husband drags me to an action movie. it was an extraordinary experience and a great privilege to be part of. >> when you see
've already obama/biden. you are looking at the vice presidential candidate of the united states. >> has it annoyed you that there's been all this buzz about, well, if the president put in secretary clinton he'd be a shoo-in for re-election? >> the thing that aannoys me that somehow president clinton is weak -- president obama is weak. that's not directed at me. it's unfair. i think -- look we have the strongest candidate. in every presidential race, david, it's the only race in which the public demands one threshold test be met. is the individual strong, and is their character consistent with what they say they'll do? is their character strong enough to say they'll do it? we have the best candidate, man. he has a backbone like a ramrod. i think we have clearly the best candidate. >> is it going to be a close election? >> it may be close electorally. i think all laekdzs are close, and my grandfather used to say who was a good athlete. joe, remember any team can beat any other team in any given day, but they're going to need a better game plan than the one they have now about how they res
equity. you seem to recognize the experience the private equity. >> it's the leader of the united states. it's not the short-term return of profits to the few, but a long-term economy that creates jobs for the many. >> let's start down that road. why has unemployment come down? unemployment's come down? because participation in the workforce is at the lowest point it's been in three decades. people are retiring early because they can't find a job. people have given up looking. if you look at the gallup surveys, the number of those who are underemployed and quit looking is 19%. this is a disastrous administration, and candidly if you want to get into a fight over debt, from 47% in the economy to 74% in three and a half years. this is why obama will have a hard time this fall. he can't fight over jobs because he isn't creating them. he can't fight over debt, and he has policies that people find unacceptable and romney has a straightforward case. can you afford four more years of barack obama? can you afford four more years of this economy? and can you afford four more years of this kind of
're hunting the mexican cartel, we're not in mexico. we're right here in the united states, in the state of utah in the shadow of zion national park. this federal agent thinks what's happening amounts to nothing less than an invasion of our country. >> internally, it's probably the greatest threat facing our nation today. >> frank smith is an assistant special agent in charge for the drug enforcement administration. >> this is one of the times the american people has to open their eyes and they have to realize the threat is around us. >> this is the threat smith is talking about, a drug war that has scarred mexico with death in the street a daily occurrence in cities like juarez. and with mill yonions of dollar drug profits a threat, it spreads the violence. and most of the cartel's profit an estimated 60% comes from marijuana. but now the cartels aren't just smuggling the drugs over the border anymore. they've actually moved their growing operations into the united states. and where are they planting, growing and harvesting billions of dollars worth of marijuana? believe toit or not, th
than $500 million in the united states. i was just locking, the first "men in black" movie in 1997 brought in $589 million worldwide. $90 million budget. that's what it cost to make. brought in almost $600 million. >> so entertaining, fun. i do want to see it. i still have to see "avengers." i don't think there's a movie -- maybe a couple of exceptions. but will smith, had he is on the ticket, you know -- when he is on the ticket, you know it's going to be a box office hit. he's money. >> he releases money, "independence day," "men in black," "hancock." will smith movies come out in summertime and are blockbusters. >> i'm a huge fan. >> let's see, 5:20. >> yes. oh, let's look at the beautiful sky. >> clouds breaking up over the district this morning. or coming in, tom, which is it? >> they're breaking up and exiting in time for the events for memorial day this morning and for the parades. we should have good weather. getting hot by midday. prepare for a hot and humid afternoon. as we look at what's been happening the last several hours, radar in -- going back over last six hours sh
. >>> the united states is the latest nation to expel syrian diplomats after a massacre of more than 100 civilians on friday. u.n. international envoy kofi annan urged syrian leaders to end the violence in their country. nbc's reporter has the latest from the cairo. >> reporter: international condemnation continues to mound on this syrian government following a deadly massacre on friday that left more than 100 people killed. the united states is among a growing list of countries that have expelled syrian diplomats from its capitals, adding to the isolation that the syrian government continues to find itself in. the united nations special join envoy kofi annan arrived in damascus on monday and held talks with the syrian president on tuesday. here's what he had to say following that meeting. >> i conveyed in firm terms the great concern of the international community about the violence in syria, including the recent shocking events. >> reporter: one of the more disturbing revelations made by the united nations is that it appears the killings in carried out by government loyalists who went street to
said the reductions will save hp as much as $3.5 billion a year. >>> the director of the united states secret service has spoken publicly for the first time since last month's misconduct scandal involving prostitutes in south america. and at hearing on capitol hill today, it was revealed that what happened there may not be the first instance of that kind of misconduct. our justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> director mark sullivan came to apologize for a scandal that has shaken the secret service but insists his agency has no cultural problem. the dozen agents who invited women to their hotel rooms in colom be a he said, did not put anyone in jeopardy. >> none of the 12 individuals had any sensitive security documents. fire arms, radios, or other security related equipment in their hotel rooms. >> but senators were highly skeptical it was an isolated incident. secret service records comtain three complaints of inappropriate relationships with foreign nationals since 2007. in the salt lake city olympics in 2002, at least three arjants left after being caught partying with u
efforts to attack the united states. officials are telling us the cia thwarted a plot by an al qaeda branch in yemen to detonate a bomb on a u.s.-bound jet liner using a powerful explosive and a more sophisticated new device intended to clear airport metal detectors. we're still learning more about this. it's where we begin with pete williams. pete, good eefrkening. >> american officials are saying tonight this is a big success story for international intelligence. detecting the plot well in advance, monitoring it closely, and then shutting it down and actually recovering the device that al qaeda intended a suicide bomber to use. the target was to be a passenger airliner bound for the u.s. though officials say no specific flight had been chosen and no ticket had been purchased. the plot, they say, was to originate in yemen. and the potential suicide bomber had actually been identified. the plan was to use an upgraded version of the underwear bomb worn by mutallab who tried to set it off on a christmas day flight to detroit in 2009. that failed to work properly and simply caught fire.
isn't buying it. in a statement, secretary clinton said the united states will intensify pressure on, quote, assad and his cronies whose rule by murder and fear must come to an end. specifically, washington plans to lobby russia, one of syria's last remaining allies. the uk has also been sharply critical. >> we're absolutely sickened, and the british government and the entire community over what we've seen the last couple of days. >> reporter: in turkey today, activists protested in front of the syrian embassy. >> we are now facing a unified. >> reporter: while condemnations are building, immediate action against syria still seems unlikely. the united states has consistently opposed military intervention. critics say washington is hiding behind russian and chinese opposition, because military action would be too risky in an election year. so for now, washington is trying to rally an international anti-assad movement. it's a slow process. richard engel, nbc news, tel aviv. >>> to politics now. president obama and mitt romney are taking a holiday break from the campaign, at least publi
. >> this is a lose-lose prop zishz for the united states because the administration will be criticized for failing to stand up tall enough in defending him. >> there may no longer be a way to avoid offering chen political asylum if he wants it, which would further escalate tensions with china, which would have the final say over whether he could leave. >> andrea mitchell starting us off from washington, thanks. >> last night on our "rock center" broadcast, we aired for the first time anywhere, the behind the scenes record what it was like for the government officials we saw in the photo from one year ago. the night osama bin laden was killed by u.s. special forces. from the president on down, they talked with us about the risks and the tension in the broadcast which by the way we're re-airing tonight on msnbc, and we learned still more about what bin laden was up to in hits final months and days in that secret compound in abbottabad, pakistan. jim miklaszewski reports on the new bin laden documents discovered after his death and just released today. >> holed up in his compound, huddled against the
years represents the next big threat to the united states. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel reports on one of the most violent days in a long time in yemen. [ explosion ] >> reporter: the suicide bomber was disguised as a soldier. he tucked into a crowd at a rehearsal for a military parade, detonated a bomb and killed nearly a hundred people. yemen's defense minister narrowly escaped with his life. officials say it's likely the work of al qaeda in yemen. while the u.s. has decimated al qaeda elsewhere, the militant group has grown in yemen because the country hasn't had an effective government for a year. but the arab spring finally toppled yemen's former president saleh and the new president hadi is trying to re-establish order and crack down on al qaeda. u.s. military officials tell nbc news the new president has dramatically increased government-sanctioned u.s. drone attacks in yemen and american counterterrorism training. al qaeda clearly doesn't want to be driven out. experts say al qaeda is fighting to make yemen its new safe haven. this yemeni bomb maker is one of the
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to mark the anniversary. >> the president of the united states of america, barack obama. >> reporter: speaking to thousands gathered for the joplin high school graduation, president obama said it was the people of joplin who deserved applause. >> as i look out at this class and across the city, what's clear is that you're the source of inspiration today. >> reporter: it was shortly after the same graduation ceremony last year that an ef-5 strength tornado tore through joplin taking 161 lives and shredding nearly 10,000 homes and buildings. surveillance cameras captured joplin high school getting ripped apart. one year later the school is still a pile of rubble while students study at a converted department store nearby. >> we can choose to carry on, we can choose to make a difference in the world. >> reporter: $2.8 billion in damage joplin is the costliest single tornado in u.s. history. fourth generation resident says her community will never be the same. but it's made her appreciate what she still has. >> i'm thankful for every day. i feel so blessed every thing we've gone through
of the united states. the levels of radioactive cesium were ten times higher than the amount measured in tuna off the california coast in previous years. >>> researchers have captured a stunning image of a newly creat created molecule. it resembles the olympic symbol. and "travel and leisure" magazine has a new survey of cities in the u.s. with the best burgers. the number one city is providence, rhode island. philadelphia was ranked second. chicago came in third. >>> now here's an early look at one of your top health headlines. a new study finds the rate of kidney stone in the u.s. has almo doubled in the last 16 years. in 1994 one in 20 people had kidney stones. between 2007 and 2010 the rate jumped to one in 11. researchers say kidney stones are more likely for people with obesity, diabetes or gout but can be prevented by eating a healthy balanced diet. for more information check out the health page at msnbc.com. >>> now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow closed ahead of the holiday weekend on friday at 12,454. the s&p lost two, the nasdaq down one. taki
of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> in his commencement speech at the world's largest christian evangelical university, mitt romney underscored his stand against gay marriage. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> that line was a guaranteed crowd pleaser at liberty university, which was founded by the late reverend jerry falwell and is located in the battleground state of virginia. the presumptive republican nominee's appearance is an important step toward winning over the ultraconservatives who shunned him during the primary. president obama, who made history this past week by publicly supporting gay marriage, was honoring the nation's top cops. >> there are people who are alive today only because of their courage. >> first lady michelle obama was at north carolina a&t state university talking about civil rights but inviting comparisons to current fights, like gay marriage. >> but we all know that there are still plenty of serious injustices crying out for our attention. we know this. >> two campaigns sharpening their lines in the fight for the white h
millions of records. >>> over the united states and across asia watch the sky as the moon passed in front of of the sun, leaving only a golden ring around the edges. it was the first so-called ring of fire eclipse in 18 years. >>> and finally, a beekeeper in poland created quite a buzz when he covered himself with 30,000 bees. after shaking off the bees, he walked away with only two stings. and now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,369, the s&p dropped 1295 and the nasdaq dropped 34. in tokyo the nikkei added 22 but in hong kong the hang seng was down 29. >>> investors start the week with concerns about the new facebook stoxx and the debt crisis in greece. the leaders at the g-8 summit camp david in maryland strongly urged greece to stay in the eurozone and promised to do whatever is needed to solve the debt crisis. >>> this could be a crucial week for facebook after friday's ipo went as high as $45 but quickly faded to close at 23 cents above the $38 opening price. >>> the nasdaq market had problems with facebook trades and is now promisin
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to the united states. >> if this bomb technique is actually more effective than the previous one, it is going to be that much more difficult to find them before they get on the planes. >> reporter: at this point officials say there are no plans to adjust security here in the united states because of this particular plot. barbara? >> thanks, melissa. >>> one time rivals are now allies in decision 2012, rick santorum is now endorsing mitt romney. the two clashed on various issues earlier this year during the primaries. s santaram urged supporters to support romney. polls in west virginia are open now until 7:30 this evening. >>> two new polls show the race between president obama and mitt romney virtually a dead-heat at this time. the 12 swing states surveyed by galop and usa today, the president edged out romney 47 to 45%, with 4 point margin for error. in march the president held a nine point lead and a politico poll shows romney with the one point lead over the president. >> the senate will vote on plan to keep interest rates on federal student loans from doubling july 1st. democrats want to
. >> it was in suitcases and couriered up through the united states through our ports of entry and distributed around northern virginia. >> in a big law enforcement sweep this morning, they arrested 28 suspects. not everybody went willingly. one guy jumped out a second floor window. he had $17,000 in cash on him. to cushion the fall. >> there was a pretty big organization. >> it was, as shown by today's arrests where we have 28 people in custody, we have weapons weeshs have property and we are really -- this is the start of the next phase of the investigation. >> there's more to be known, more to be investigated, more arrests to be made. you might just think of this as the first chapter in a very big book. no northwest, i'm pat collins, news 4. >> in addition to the drug charges, gun and money laundering charges could also be filed in this case. >> coming up, the juicy johnsonville sausage. made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do. >>> jetblue says a computer glitch caused a toddler to show up on tsa's no-fly list. employees made an 18-month-old girl and her
's demands. he claims he'll be killed otherwise. al qaeda says it will release weinstein if the united states stops air strikes. it wants al qaeda and taliban suspects around the world to be freed. weinstein work for j.e. austin associates which advises pakistani businesses and government organizations. >>> right now, renewed uncertainty over europe's ability to deal with its debt crisis following elections in greece and france. that hammered stock markets. athens down 8%. asian stocks dropped to a three-length low. u.s. futures also down. >>> and president obama is looking ford working with the new french president, francois hollande. he beat nicolas sarkozy after beating him on controversial austerity measures. he favors a stimulus approach. >>> this morning, prince george's county police are still looking for a hit-and-run driver who killed a man. 28-year-old samuel diaz was crossing university boulevard on saturday when he was hit. police say the driver of a silver suv did not stop after hitting diaz in front of adelphi plaza. pedestrians say there aren't a lot of crosswalks around that a
the country. wow. let's take a listen to her story. >> a family road trip around the united states. how unbelievable. happy mother's day. why does mom deserve it? >> she's taking me on this like amazing trip around the whole united states and i've seen so much. >> and what do you hope she looks like? you were telling me a little bit. >> i hope she gets straight hair. >> what do you think? why do you want this for mom? >> because she's just a good mom and she doesn't cook often but she cooks good. >> are you ready to go? >> i'm ready. >> how cute. >> say your names. [ inaudible ] all right. here's a look at alana before. let's see the new you. >> oh, wow! >> wow! all right, girls. are you ready to see your mom? take off your blindfolds? >> oh, my god! >> you look so good! >> mom, you ready to see yourself? look right here. >> you look awesome. >> oh, my god. >> you look fantastic. >> spin right around and look at camera 12, please. >> louis, tell us about her hair. >> can you imagine number one having a mom that would take you out of school and drive you across country? >> that's like th
to the united states to stand trial. he has refused and u.s. officials are working with the mexico an government to get him back to the states. >>> in prince william county, virginia, a teacher who works with emotionally challenged students has been charged with sa assault and battery against a 10-year-old child. jane watrel has more. >> reporter: 35-year-old cynthia hall has taught emotionally disturbed students for the past 18 months at kerrydale elementary school in woodbridge. last week she was arrested for assault and battery after police say she allegedly grabbed a 10-year-old boy. >> before the assault took place, the student was sitting in a chair quietly. wasn't being disruptive or anything. the teacher came into the office and that's where the assault took place. >> hall, the mother of a young son, has been working since august of 2009 as a comprehensive early intervention special i have at kerrydale. according to her school biography has been teaching for 11 years. police say arresting a teacher for grabbing a student is unusual. but members of their physical abuse unit investigated.
the united states and its allies are one step closer to winding down the war in afghanistan. >> we reached agreement on the next milestone in that transition. we agreed that afghan forces will take the lead for combat operations next year. >> reporter: left unresolved out of that summit, the issue with pakistan over those supply lines. pakistan wants to charge the u.s. and nato an enormous amount of money to allow supplies and -- to get to the troops across the border. that did not get solved. matt? >> all right, chuck todd at the white house this morning. thank you very much. general colin powell, who served as secretary of state under president george w. bush made some headlines four years ago when he endorsed barack obama for president. he's out with a brand-new book called "it worked for me: in life and leadership." general, it's always nice to see you. welcome back to the show. >> thank you, matt. good to be back. >> let's talk about afghanistan. chuck just talked about it. here's what you said on "meet the press" two years ago. quote, we all hoped in 2001 that we could put in place i
of countries from around the world... ...with the best math scores. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this. >>> president obama voices support for same-sex marriage. will it have any impact on the race for the white house? i will ask the chairman of the republican party, reince priebus. he's here and up next. for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technol
. we have a solar eclipse later this afternoon out in the southwestern parts of the united states. southern parts of california, arizona. a solar eclipse coming later on this afternoon. if you're flying all the way to the west coast, you might get a glimpse on the way into your landing zones on the west coast. for around here, wow. what a beautiful looking day. temperatures now climbing into the low and mid-70s across the area. here's your saturday planner. temperatures in the upper 60s by 10:00 this morning. upper 70s today. another winner of a day coming. both today and for tomorrow. the battle of the beltways, the o's got the nats last night. we'll try it again tonight. 76 degrees at first pitch. i want to give a quick shoutout. we talked to all the kids at the leadership class in sinclair elementary. they're learning to be better leaders. they invited aaron and i to talk about leadership at our station and in the community. we had lots of fun questions. aaron found out when you mention the word earthquake in a presentation, that's what we talk about from that point forward. we
of yemen where it was turned over to the united states. >> i want to say that the device was always under control. and that no one in the united states was ever at risk because we did have control. >> reporter: those who have seen the bomb say it was remarkably similar do this, the one worn by the 2009 underwear bombers. while the ingredients were improved, they say, intended to be more reliable, the overall design was basically the same, with no metal, presenting more of a challenge to the screeners than the 2009 bomb. as a result, u.s. officials say, no change in airport security is planned. >> the fact that we have the device shows us what to look for and how to detect such devices, should they try to be used in the future. >> could it have gotten through screening? homeland officials say they cannot be certain. but just as with the 2009 underwear bomb, they're optimistic the answer is no, caught either by the full-body scanners and pat-downs or by a combination of screening, passenger information and other intelligence. >> in today's date, with all the various layers we have, and all
county government center to become naturalized united states citizens. they were sworn under oath. >> i will support and defend -- >> reporter: and pledge their allegiance to this country. >> my fellow americans -- >> reporter: congress man jerry connolly makes it a point to attend the sore mowny every year. >> just now you took that oath. and that makes you as american as me. >> reporter: originally from great britain, andrew eats says becoming a u.s. citizen is about paving away for his family and playing an active role in society. >> when you don't have that you hunger for it. and 16 years being a kind of, you know, partial participant in the democracy can be frustrating. >> reporter: for others it's about honoring the sacrifices their parents made for them and moving forward with the american dream. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: maria says it was the hardest thing to do to leave her family in peru the years ago. but she wanted more opportunities for her son. >> i mean, this is my home. >> reporter: and today havier became an american. >> by not only integrating mysel
says he killed patz. >>> vice president joe biden says the united states can now focus on a new global challenge after a long decade of war. speaking saturday at west point, biden said ending the long wars in iraq and afghanistan will allow the u.s. to replace and rebalance its foreign policy. biden delivered the commencement address to 972 jubilant graduates. >>> and finally, michelle obama was with the single ladies this weekend, joining 5,000 fans at a beyonce concert in atlantic city. the first lady was with daughters sasha and maliyah saturday night at the brand-new rebel resort where beyonce's performing her first concert since giving birth to blue ivy in january. the first lady told "people" magazine that if she could be anyone else in the world, she would be beyonce. that's the latest news. back to jenna, lester and crystal. and chris christie was reportedly also at the casino. no reports on him doing the single ladies dance. >> there are reports, however, that lester uttered those same exact words, if i could be anyone else, i would be beyonce. >> i would be beyonce, yeah. >>
the u.s. continue the war against bin laden's organization. >> the united states can achieve our goal of destroying al qaeda and denying it a safe haven, but at the same time, we have the capacity to wind down this war and usher in a new err ra of peace here in afghanistan. >> reporter: to some, this is a pat on the back to troops still in harm's way. to others, it's the president patting himself on the back. making the bin laden raid part of his re-election effort. and republicans object. >> the president undertaking this victory lap and using this somehow to say that he's better than romney is really mistaken. >> reporter: mitt romney was in new york taking pizza to 9/11 first responders. firefighters with former new york mayor rudy giuliani. giving credit today to barack obama. to everyone involved in the bin laden raid. >> from the president who authorized that attack to the intelligence community that worked on it for so many years. >> reporter: half a world away, just by being where bin laden ordered the 9/11 attacks, president obama drove home to america that he's the one who o
five years ago here in the united states and if you smell that, barbara, that's a really beautiful lemony scent to that rose. they're known for their scent as well as for some of the beautiful colors and the differences in the blossoms. >> the ones over here, that's a drift rose, it's known as a peach drift, a little different color, that's one of the ones that will continue to bloom all season long, beautiful small blossoms. >> hydrangeas are among my favorite. but i really love them. they're just not that easy it take care of, are they? they're okay in the ground, but if you try to bring them in the house -- you got to remember to water, water, water. >> and if you want the ones that are going to do well inside, start out with one such as this. this is a hot house forced hydrangea. it's been grown indoors in the green house and a bloom has been forced on it you can plant this outside after its finished with its bloom and it will continue to bloom for you for years to come. >> run through some of the other gifts. >> i see you've brought -- >> happy mother's day, barbara, i brought
's chronically ill budget. >> the fact is california has been living beyond its means. the united states of america and its federal government is living beyond its means. >> among some of the proposed cuts, state employees will face f f furloge days and pay cuts, health care programs like those that help the elderly will be cut. brown says part of the blame, the state's sputtering economy and the still struggling housing market. california's problem, but one states across the country face. >> what starts in california, good or bad, tends to spread across country. >> blaming republican lawmakers for blocking his push to raise taxes, the governor is now calling on voters in november to approve his spending plan. >> what i'm proposing is not a panacea but it goes a long way toward cleaning up the state's budget mess. >> this week, he turned to youtube to make his pitch. within hours of his announcement, protest from state employees and push back from republican lawmakers. >> we had two years of tax increases. it didn't eliminate the deficit. we had a deficit every year. it's not the solutio
the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at nissan, our ideal is innovation. 5 all-new models over the next 15 months, including a completely reimagined altima. welcome to our most innovative year ever. nissan. innovation for all. ♪ >>> there has been so much attention focused on the problem of student loan debt in this country, it might come as a surprise that colleges and banks have made deals that might end up adding to the financial burden. campus debit cards are a convenient way for students to access their financial aid funds, but at what price? here is rehema ellis. >> for many students, college is the first opportunity to exercise freedom and respons
from vacation. >> it was placed in suitcases and couriered up through the united states through our ports of entry and distributed around virginia. >> in a big law enforcement sweep this morning, they arrested 28 suspects. not everybody went willingly. one guy jumped out a second floor window. he had $17,000 in cash on him. to cushion the fall. >> this was a pretty big organization. >> it was, as shown by today's arrests where we have 28 people in custody, we have weapons, we have property, and we are rea y really -- this is the start of the next phase of the investigation. >> reporter: so there's more to be known, moring e ing tto be investigated. you might think of this as the first chapter of a very big book. >> a dog in our area has a new lease on life and some new wheels. now all he needs is a new home. take a look at buster. the washington animal rescue league says he was hit by a car seven months ago and a good samaritan picked him up off the side of the road. bless his little heart. the accident left buster with a paralyzing spinal cord injury, but he's getting around with
the united states. it hasn't been seen in japan since the 1800s. beautiful. >> yeah. and fortunately we've got video. if you don't live on the west coast, you can still see it obviously today. >>> any chance we'll see more of that, tom? >> not here. my daughter called me, though, from san francisco. she was there and saw it. did she? >> serve was filling the streets, up on rooftops and everything. quite a celestial sight there. >> indeed. >> and here, we've had the clouds closing in. we've been eclipsed by clouds. and there they are hanging very low over the monuments this morning. that's a live view from our high definition city camera. right now, 66 at reagan national with a little bit of light rain there and patchy drizzle around. we've got that northeasterly breeze that's brisk. it's a damp and cool start to the day. we have this easterly flow, and southeasterly flow moving showers from that direction into the northwest. right now we've got one moderate shower near nanjamoy, west of blah platea and waldorf, charles county. that's crossing the potomac, moving toward mt. vernon and al
visible over parts of the united states in 18 years. >> we had an absolutely delightful weekend. doesn't get much better. >> no it doesn't. >> n that's the thing about it. it was really fantastic. no matter where you were, it was really great except for those people right down towards the beaches. we just talked about everybody coming back from ocean city and reho rehoebeth. now we all have to get ready for the rain. let's take a look at it and show you what's happening outside. we're looking at some positions out there that are continuing to see the clouds move in. the showers are starting to move in right now. for the most part, they are light and will continue to be. notice the lower clouds. you can see the reflection in the sky. outside temperatures, 81 degrees. low of 59 this morning. average high 77. another great day today for most of us. especially if you are west of the potomac or west of the chesapeake bay. a little to the east, we saw more in the way of cloud cover. not a bad day. just a few light showers from time to time. take a look at the numbers. that explains the scena
to help. >>> can you math if one of the men running for president of the united states was in a relationship with a woman who he left his long-time partner, the mother of his children, and the two had no plans to marry, and they declared it all none of our business? that describes the new president of france, a nation very different from ours when it comes to love and marriage and politics. nbc's jim maceda has our report tonight from paris. >> reporter: politically they're opposed. but francois hollande and nicolas sarkozy have one thing everyone's talking about. >> french voters given a choice a bureaucrat with a hot wife or a bureaucrat with a hot girlfriend. >> reporter: they're beautiful and significant others. but who takes the place of carla bruni? supermodel, singer, occasional hollywood actress. >> do you think it's possible to love two women at once? >> he loved them both, but in a different way. >> that's very french. >> already rich and famous, and notorious before she became first lady. >> i think carla brought a kind of discipline to sarkozy's life. he's v
this victim and kept going. 28-year-old samuel diaz came to the united states from el salvador in search of a better life. but he lost his life here on university boulevard in a hit and run crash saturday night. >> got hit by a car, runway. that's all we know. >> reporter: diaz was run over while crossing the street around 9:00 p.m. the driver of the striking vehicle, a silver suv, didn't stop. >> somebody saw something, come out and speak and tell what happened. >> reporter: according to friends and witnesses, the victim had worked earlier in the day. then he'd come out here to the king kong chinese restaurant. they say he was walking home when he was struck and killed. diaz was crossing in an area with no crosswalks. we found several people crossing this busy boulevard dodging cars, traveling at high speeds. >> wait for the white sign that says it's okay to walk. >> reporter: prince george's county leads the state in pedestrian fatalities and police recently started a street smart campaign to ticket drivers and jaywalkers. >> what's it like for someone trying to cross university boulev
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